Love Milo Launches New Range Exclusive to Superbalist 

Eco-conscious design studio, Love Milo, has teamed up yet again with online shopping powerhouse, Superbalist, to create a new range of homeware items that offer an inspiring departure from their signature black and white look. 

Having successfully collaborated in the past, Love Milo was approached by the team from Superbalist with a brief that included hues of soft pinks and greys, two colours which are undeniably having a moment in home décor this season. This was then worked into the designs with the end products being textiles and ceramics in delicious shades of candy floss and dove grey. While the palette may be a change from the usual monochromatic look that Love Milo is revered for, the new designs are still in line with their trademark ‘creative simplicity’ aesthetic, and each is a subtle statement piece in its own right. 

Achieving a cohesive look within the range was not without its challenges though. Love Milo founder and designer Nicki Ellis explains, “Colour was a bit of a tricky issue with this range. We had identified the exact shade of pink that we wanted for our designs but it kept on turning white in the kiln so getting the balance just right took a bit of trial and error.” 

In keeping with Love Milo’s ability to effortlessly capture nature in their designs, the new range draws inspiration from the earth’s mineral compositions and includes the likes of scatter cushions, pinch pots and coffee mugs with delicate marble detailing. A metallic accent in the form of brass-plated spoons also forms part of the range. Several pieces are available in both a solid colour and patterned counterpart, making them ideal for adding contrast to your table.

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In an experimental step out of the box, Love Milo’s other new range celebrates a word that is enchanting to the ear and equally pleasing in meaning – ‘serendipity’. 

Put simply, ‘serendipity’ is the act of finding something valuable or delightful when you are not looking for it, which is subsequently the root of many of Nicki’s creative processes. Unexpected surprises in nature such as the intricate patterns found in flora and fauna, the ethereal night skies and vast Namibian desert have all found their way onto Love Milo creations.

In reflection of Love Milo’s signature clean aesthetic and minimalist approach, the Serendipity range takes the form of white porcelain jars, a mug, a pebble bowl and a sugar pot, with the added natural element of carved wooden saucers, lids and spoons. Printed across each in simple black typeface is ‘serendipity (n.) finding something good without looking for it’. 

The simplistic design of the Serendipity range allows for versatile functionality of each product. Nicki is particularly fond of the storage jars and recommends grouping the small and large one together to create a pleasing visual collection. They can also be used for coffee and tea in the kitchen, pens and pencils in the office, and can be transformed into a pot for indoor succulents.  

The Serendipity range is a product of Nicki’s organically evolving style as a designer and showcases her willingness to be playful in the developmental stages of the crafting process. “I’m definitely less afraid to try new things now, although I am always aware and conscious of keeping the designs within the Love Milo look” says Nicki. “I love the word ‘serendipity’ not just because of its stylistic appeal but also because of the meaning. I ultimately wanted to highlight an inspirational message in its simplest form and I think the Serendipity range has achieved that”

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