First Diamonds Dazzles in the Mother City

With decades of experience in the international diamond trade, First Diamonds has established itself as one of South Africa’s most sought-after diamond merchants and bespoke jewellery manufacturers.

At their elegant diamond studio in the heart of Cape Town’s vibrant city centre, First Diamonds’ gemmology experts are on hand to guide clients through the purchase of diamonds, Tanzanite and precious stones. With a freshly-brewed coffee or glass of bubbly in hand, clients are encouraged to take their time and delight in the process of browsing and discovering the impressive range of loose stones and handcrafted jewellery items on offer.

“Our focus is on offering a bespoke personalised experience when it comes to buying diamonds, precious stones and jewellery,” explains Heidi Wahl, Brand and Marketing Manager for First Diamonds. “We guide clients in finding the diamond or jewellery pieces that fit both their budget and personal style. We truly listen to what the client needs.”

As a ‘first hand of trade’ wholesale diamond merchant, First Diamonds deals directly with mines in South Africa and Tanzania, providing unique access to some of the finest diamonds, Tanzanite and precious stones on the market.

“All of our diamonds are sourced directly from South African mines in strict accordance with the Kimberley Process,” says Wahl, adding that after the stones are cut and polished the respected Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) independently verifies the quality, cut and clarity of all loose stones.

Whether one is buying for investment or pleasure, understanding the nuances of diamonds and precious gems is key when purchasing both loose stones and jewellery, and it’s here that First Diamonds’ on-site experts offer invaluable advice.

“Most people simply look at the size of a diamond, but the price and quality of a diamond is also influenced by the colour, clarity and cut of the stone,” explains Wahl. “While the clarity and colour will certainly affect the price, it’s the cut that gives the stone its life and sparkle”

On that front First Diamonds is uniquely placed to offer clients a remarkable range of loose diamonds, with a variety of innovative diamond cuts available on hand.

This includes the remarkable 85-facet Crisscut®. Created by skilled diamond cutters using state-of-the-art technology, the combination of facets emphasises the length of the diamond while creating a mesmerising perception of depth in each stone. For a diamond with even more individuality, the internal facet design of the Crisscut® Cushion marks a spectacular evolution on this classic cut, and has proven particularly sought-after by fans of Fancy Cut diamonds.

Equally eye-catching is the decagonal (10-sided) Meteor Cut®, which took skilled diamond cutters 10 months to perfect. Each of the 71 internal facets is carefully calibrated to ensure exceptional brilliance and luminosity.

First Diamonds is also a leading merchant of Tanzanite. This beguiling blue gem offers exceptional investment potential, and through a partnership with one of Africa’s largest Tanzanite producers First Diamonds is able to source and supply the highest quality stones direct from mine to market.

While the loose diamonds and Tanzanite will dazzle and inspire, they are equally at home in First Diamonds’ carefully curated selection of handcrafted jewellery pieces.

The range includes the striking White Diamond collection, where classical elegance is the watchword. Focused on round diamonds set in white gold, they make a perfect choice for rings, earrings and pendants.

For something with a touch of individuality and flair, the Fancy Cut Diamond Collection emphasises the unmatched versatility of diamonds, with stones expertly fashioned into emerald, pear, radiant, cushion and various other cuts. Ruling over them all though, is the sought-after Majestic Collection.

“The Majestic Collection is patented worldwide,” explains Wahl. “The hexagonal cut of the diamond is entirely unique, and allows the stones to fit together in a dazzling arrangement.”

Perhaps the real magic of the Majestic Collection is that this unique cut makes the whole appear greater than the sum of its parts: in the Majestic Collection 1½-carats of diamonds can be meticulously assembled to resemble a striking three-carat gem.

First Diamonds also boasts the largest collection of Fancy Colour diamond jewellery in Cape Town, with an array of naturally tinted stones lending a unique sparkle to the handcrafted jewellery pieces.

“These days our clients are looking for unique jewellery creations that are not widely available and can be worn in different ways,” says Wahl. “With our Fancy Diamond Collection the stone really makes the piece, because there are no two that are the same.”

For rarity and elegance with a touch of the exotic, the African Gem collection has become particularly popular with visiting celebrities and jewellery connoisseurs. It includes pieces made of sought-after Tanzanite and exceptionally rare Tsavorite. While most clients opt for one of the handcrafted pieces on offer, bespoke jewellery creations can also be manufactured within 48 hours.

First Diamonds is known for breaking new ground in the world of diamond jewellery, and in 2016 marked a world-first with the launch of Diamant Classique.

“We wanted to bring together two of the finest products South Africa has to offer – diamonds and wine – in a product that is entirely locally made,” explains Wahl.

At first glance Diamant Classique appears as simply an elegantly-packaged bottle of Méthode Cap Classique, but each bottle of sparkling wine holds a remarkable surprise that is revealed as the final glass of bubbly is poured: a ¼-carat diamond encased in a striking blown-glass capsule designed to be worn as a pendant.

“With many of our clients we find that they’re not sure what style of ring to buy before popping the question. With Diamant Classique the client is able to both purchase a fine diamond and create a memorable proposal, and then come in afterwards with their partner to discuss the style of ring they would like created,” explains Wahl.

While a ¼-carat Round brilliant cut is the standard offering in each bottle of Diamant Classique, ½-carat (two stones) and one-carat (four stones) options are also available, as well as more bespoke creations. Each bottle of Diamant Classique is presented in an eye-catching case of polished aluminium, wrapped in elegantly tailored suede detailing.

Elegance, luxury and attention to detail have become the hallmarks of First Diamonds, where expert advice and a world-class selection of loose stones and bespoke jewellery guarantee a glittering diamond experience.