Manooi: An Atelier That Sculpts Llight


Passionate about celebrating light in its purest form, Manooi create extraordinary mood-driven environments. The handmade crystal chandeliers reflect and refract natural light, scattering it across a room. Using thousands of suspended crystal pendants, Manooi lights evoke a whole spectrum of feeling.

Manooi was founded by artist/designer couple János Héder and Judit Zoltai in 2005, and János is Manooi’s lead designer. János believes that light is an important architectural element in designing a space. By choreographing illumination, one has the power to control the mood and emotion of a room.

The first light that Héder created for Manooi was the famous “Artica”, a luminous vision of two galaxies embracing each other. More recently Manooi teamed up with Swarovski to create an Artica-shaped crystal. The jagged hemisphere of the “Iceberg”, the seemingly endless rectangle of “Linea" and the cascading “Fjord” all incorporate this statement detail. Manooi is including innovative new materials in their designs. “Voile D” is the special version of the “Voile” crystal chandelier made from brass chains.

With every new collection Manooi expands the frontiers of creativity by marrying simplicity and luxury, modernity and tradition. Their latest piece, “Infinity”, embodies limitless artistic creation, as the curve casts millions of galaxies into a room. As manifestations of light artistry, the products adorn the walls and ceilings of hotels, private residences and yachts around the world. The exclusive pieces provide a focal point that celebrates innovation and craftsmanship.

Get your own piece of this cosmos by visiting the new Euro Nouveau showroom in Cape Town