Create Your Perfect Living Space with the Marina Sofa

As entertainment areas move indoors to avoid the crisp air this winter, a trendy, relaxing sofa is just what you need to complete one of the most important areas of your home. 

When buying a new sofa here are a five things to consider ensuring you find the perfect piece that is both stylish and comfortable, as well as a perfect fit for your living space, taste and lifestyle:

1. Size Matters

Size really does matter, so ensure that the piece suits the size of your living area. You don’t want to buy a piece that seems dwarfed if your living area is too spacious.

2. Create Harmony

Ensure that it fits in with your style and décor and that it compliments your accompanying chairs and tables.

3. Function is Priority

Decide what main function your piece will serve – will it be used for watching television, hosting game nights or solely for relaxing and reading, in which case comfort will be a top priority.

4. Placement Perfect

Similarly, the function of your piece will then determine the arrangement of your living area, since furniture would be placed differently for socialising than it would for winding down in front of the television.

5. Consider Your Upholstery

Consider the upholstery as your needs will change according to your lifestyle. For instance, if you have pets or younger children, you would need to choose a piece that is easier to clean and durable, rather than merely aesthetically pleasing.

The Marina four-seater sofa is a highly contemporary, floating design, set on solid stainless steel feet and includes cushions layered with goose feathers for maximum comfort.

“The sofa is classic and practical and has been designed with a space between the floor and the base to allow more light to flow into the area. This design concept does wonders as with more natural light the space appears bigger. The Marina sofa will always be a centre piece and accessories can be happily changed around it,” says Alon Sachs, co-founder of Mobelli Furniture + Living.

The Marina Sofa, exclusive to Mobelli Furniture + Living and part of the newly-launched indoor collection, is the ‘perfect piece’ that is guaranteed to tick all the comfort boxes whilst adding charm to any living area.

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