10 Reasons to Heat Your Home with a Flue-less Gas Fire

Traditional Flued gas fires are designed to look good with glowing coals or logs, to give that authentic real fire look. However, in the process they produce mountains of carbon monoxide and dioxide, that need to be vented up a chimney, for the gas fire to operate safely.

Along with these fumes some 65% of the heat from the gas consumed in a flued gas fire is vented up the chimney. When the fire is not operating, the open chimney will still vent warm air from the room up it. Often making the house cold at night. Here's 10 reasons why you need to heat your home with a flue-less gas fire:

1. Clean Heat
Flue-less Gas Fires burn gas very cleanly and with low emissions enabling the appliance to operate without a chimney, giving full benefit from the gas being consumed in terms of usable heat. When this grate is switched off, there is no open chimney losing the warm air from the room.

2. Cost Efficiency
This removes the expense, time and space losses of  building  a brick chimney for new installations, leaving more space in your home and more money in your pocket.

3. Going Green
Gas is considered an environmentally friendly fuel source with very little in the way of emissions when burnt efficiently. A far cry from the  huge amount of gases and other by products released into the atmosphere by coal fired power stations.

4. Clean Burning Fuel
New sources of gas are being discovered and developed on an ongoing basis, which will provide us with a clean burning fuel option for many  decades into the future.

5. Clueless? Go Flue-Less
Swop your existing flued gas fire to a  flue-less. If you have an existing flued gas fire, you are probably reluctant to switch it on. With the considerable heat losses up the open chimney, running a flued gas fire will set you back about R5 per kwhr produced. About triple the price of electricity. It is generally quite simple to change your inefficient flued gas grate for a high efficiency flue-less unit. This will give you 3 times the heat from your gas bill, or enable you have the same heat but to cut back considerably on your gas expenses.

6. Same Flame Effect
Infiniti Fire's Flame Dancer burners are not only environmentally friendly but give you that great flame effect. If left uncovered the flame will dance mesmerisingly, with heights touching 100 mm. If covered with our white stones the flame effect will spread over a larger area of the grate with a modern day Zen look.

7. Romanic Feel
The flame effect is enhanced on some of Infiniti Fire's units with brushed St Steel surfaces behind the burner that mirror and enhance the look of the flames, for great visual appeal. Turn down the lights at night and  enjoy the romantic visuals from our grates.

8. Heat at the flick of a switch.
Flue-less gas fires provide near instantaneous heat, warming your room quietly and efficiently from the moment you switch the grate on. 

9. No Mess, No Cleaning
If you're tired of your old fashioned traditional wood fire, with its incessant cleaning of dirty ash, and time spent lighting the fire and carrying wood, swopping to a flue-less gas grate means labour free heating. 

10. Easy Adjustment
Feeling too warm? Flue-less flame heights and heat outputs are easily adjustable on the user friendly control valve to give the right amount of heat and ambience for your room and requirements.

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