Taste Never Goes Out of Style

Taste is at the core of everything that leading furniture and homeware retailer, Weylandts, does. It is the driving force behind every decision and this is certainly the case with their 2017 ad campaign, Taste Never Goes Out of Style.

Launched earlier this year to high acclaim, the campaign does not feature wide ranges of Weylandts pieces but rather focuses on the classics, the little black dress, the tuxedo, the Jaguar e-Type to highlight the parallels between timeless items that last throughout the decades and Weylandts key furniture pieces.  


“To create a timeless home, it is vital that you source good quality products as your staples, these then open your home to endless ways to incorporate accents that reflect the current trends,” says Chris Weylandt, owner of Weylandts, “Good taste is the ability to identify and accumulate pieces within an environment that create a sense of style.”

It is in alignment with this that Weylandts are showcasing how tasteful things – like their furniture – have always been stylish and always will be stylish. This is an important consideration when deciding on key pieces of furniture for your home and how infrequently they get replaced.

Almost three years on, the in-house agency run by Marketing Director, Tim Culley, and Creative Director, Renier Zandberg, continues to push creative boundaries by constant interrogation of the Weylandts brand, it’s personality, it’s look, what it stands for, and its place in the industry that they operate in. Every day they test their knowledge of the target market, and how to communicate most effectively with them. The Weylandts brand and its customers are constantly evolving.

The television commercial was shot in the salt pan in Piketburg, which gave the team behind the campaign and incredible blank canvas to work with and ensured that there were no distractions from the hero. The print campaign specifically highlights stylish items from the past and how they are still classics today.

In 2016 Weylandts merged the Visual Merchandising department with the Marketing department. No longer does the customer baton get handed over from marketing to merchandising at the shop door, but the team rather ensures a seamless customer journey from awareness – consideration – purchase – repurchase. Briefs that previously went to one or another department are now considered by the combined department.

Weylandts remains committed to being brave, which is something external agencies are often not empowered to be. The result is work they are proud of, and brand growth they are proud to have contributed to. Every day the in-house team learn more, every campaign makes them push harder.

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