Kenzo Takada's Culturally Inspired Collection for Roche Bobois

 © Photo by Michel Gibert

© Photo by Michel Gibert

Kenzo Takada, currently focused on design and decoration, has created an exceptional collection of fabrics and ceramics for Roche Bobois. This graphic and culturally-inspired collection uses mixed origins, colour combinations, and delicate patterns.

 ©Photo by Zoé Fidji

©Photo by Zoé Fidji

Kenzo Takada

“From the outset, I wanted to use inspiration from the patterns found on kimonos, specifically the weaving used for the Nō theatres. These designs and patterns were the guidelines of this collection for Roche Bobois, but I wanted to completely change their colours and interpret them in a new way. Every effort has been made to ensure that these new fabrics, although made industrially, still respect the spirit of the old kimonos, paying particular attention to the jacquards and materials used.”






Mah Jong Magic

 ©Photo by Zoé Fidji

©Photo by Zoé Fidji

The Mah Jong sofa (designed by Hans Hopfer), Roche Bobois’ signature piece, embraces Japanese influence with fabrics from the Nogaku collection, designed by Kenzo Takada. The Japanese designer has reinterpreted the look of ancient kimonos to create a collection of fabrics with three harmonious colour schemes. These three versions express gentleness, vivacity, and depth, coinciding with the three different times of the day: ASA (morning), HIRU (midday), and YORU (evening).

Objects of Curiosity

Kenzo Takada’s free, inventive, and joyful spirit has led to the creation of sophisticated cushions and objects that have a touch of modernity.


Vases in hand-turned San Sepolcro clay earthenware. Red selenium enamel with multiple firings, the fourth firing creating floral motifs in aged gold leaf (12 carat).


Vases in earthenware and silica white clay, turned by hand. Double enameling, opaque white for the lower parts and satin pink or satin yellow for the top parts. In the 4th firing, placing of geometrical patterns by applying matte gold with a sponge.


Rectangular cushion with removable cover. In jacquard fabric. Available in red, blue, and poudre colour and in several dimensions.

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