10 Kitchen Remodeling Tips To Live By

If you're planning a kitchen remodel in the near future, keep these ten design features and tips from Schmidt Kitchens and Interior Solutions in mind. You can’t go wrong.

Schmidt Kitchens is a renowned French manufacturer of made-to-measure kitchens, with over 50 years experience in the business, and the industry leader in Europe. And now Schmidt is taking over South Africa, with their customised, creative and top quality kitchens. With over 880 made-to-measure kitchens being produced per day at their plants in France and Germany, every last detail is designed and worked out to ensure the final result meets customer expectations.

Combining guaranteed style and quality, along with a network of professional consultants offers you complete freedom to personalise the function of your kitchen, they know a thing or two about kitchens.

We recently visited their showroom in Highway Park, Cape Town to get the best tips to ensuring your remodel is as painless as possible (and worth every penny too). Here’s 10 kitchen remodeling tips you need to live by:

1. Find a Skilled Sales Designer

First things first. You need to ensure you have a highly skilled kitchen sales designer who is not only able to understand the technical aspects of your kitchen design, but who is also at your disposal — a single contact point from the design stage to the commissioning of your kitchen. 

At Schmidt Kitchens you have the luxury of having an expert sales designer who will answer all your questions, analyse your projects and help you make informed choices to find the right solution for you — offering a free and detailed estimated plan of your project, at the fairest prices.

2. Consider The Costs

Your kitchen is an investment. It is the hub of activity in any home, and we’re no longer just spending time in our kitchens just to cook. But, we all need to be conscious of our budgets. Consider the costs not only for the furniture of your kitchen but also the counter tops, splash backs, appliances, building costs and the removal of your old kitchen.

A Schmidt designer can assist with all these parameters and help you find a solution.

3. Fully Equipped

Your kitchen is a lot more than a composition of beautiful furniture. It is a complete system that needs to come together in perfect harmony. Make sure your kitchen is fully kitted out with sinks, mixer taps and extractor hoods all designed to fully blend with your kitchen. Don’t forget tables and chair to match!

Schmidt is able to commission a broad range of appliances, selected by experts and recommended by the brands.

4. More Than The Traditional Triangle

Think beyond the traditional design principle of the ‘triangle of activity’ that kitchens have always been based on. Don’t just think about the activity between the fridge, hob and basin — include the storage areas, cleaning, preparation, cooking and services area’s too! 

5. No More Mess

3, 2, 1… Store! Make sure your kitchen has a place for every object. Make use of pull-out units, drawers and pan drawers to meet all your storage needs. 

Schmidt Kitchens uses orgaline internal arrangements made to order, so everything is within reach and perfectly visible. Using slip proof finishes, ladder cabinets and easy to open drawers you always have access to your objects. 

6. No Wasted Space

Your kitchen must have no wasted space. Use features such as Opti-line and Perfect Fit from Schmidt Kitchens, to arrange the space from the floor to the ceiling with an ultra-functional cabinet which are adapted specifically to your needs. Determine the heights and widths to the millimetre.

Schmidt is able to adapt designs to all architectural constraints and configurations. Inexpensive and practical, Opti-Line and Perfect Fit are ideal for optimising your space and offer endless possibilities.

7. Harmony With Your Home

Designing your kitchen is one thing, but it is also essential that it’s in harmony with the rest of your home. Clever choices for your primary and secondary colours for the fronts of your units allow for a harmonious integration into the rest of the house. 

8. Ergonomics Matters

A beautiful kitchen also needs to be easy to live, where the design simplifies your cooking. Arrange your worktop to the ideal height of 78cm so you can cook with no back pain. Adjust the height of your worktop by playing with the thickness and height of the baseboards and worktops. 

Schmidt has designed Evolution130 so units are taller in order to make for greater comfort. Bonus: you get an extra drawer — meaning an increase in storage space with no extra cost!

9. Don’t Do Without

Luxury should be affordable. Make use of top quality products, which don’t only offer high-performance solutions but are also affordable. 

At Schmidt Kitchens your kitchen is adjusted to the dimensions you require, to the millimetre, at no extra cost. 

10. Quality That’s Tested and Approved

Ensure your kitchen is sturdy, is designed with care in order to last you for years, withstanding every day wear and tear. All aspects of your kitchen design, creation and installation needs to be monitored, approved and improved. 

At Schmidt, quality is guaranteed with a 25 year warranty for drawers, pull-out elements and hinges tested through 200 000 cycles. What’s more you also get a 10 year warranty for furnitures, and a guaranteed delivery and complete installation.

Get in touch with Schmidt Kitchens in South Africa:
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