A Quick Q & A with Pilgrimage Livingspaces Co-Owner Tanya Kann

Born out of love and passion for travel, Pilgrimage Spaces is a socially motivated lifestyle store inspired by adventures to off the beaten track places, exotic cultures, colour, texture, craftsmanship and all that is authentic in life. 

Particularly capturing the heart of owner, Tanya Kann, were Indonesia and India from which she hand select all of their products. Each piece in the store stands out by having a sense of the soul of their origin. This may be in part because each piece is handcrafted by artisans who use techniques passed down from generation to generation, or based on the fact that each piece is totally unique. 

Check out our quick Q & A with talented co-owner Tanya Kann:


Q: What was the inspiration behind starting Pilgrimage Livingspaces?

A: My husband and I have always loved travelling to off the beaten track places. Places packed with exotic cultures, authenticity and natural raw charm. Two of these places which really captured my heart were India and Indonesia. I was completely inspired by the rawness, richness, connectedness of people to nature and spirituality, along with the culture, colours and craftsmanship. When arriving home we felt like something was missing and constantly yearned to go back. From this the idea was born to share these exotic and interesting places with others through the treasures, which for me emanate the soul of their origin, and which will hopefully reflect into the places where they find a home. 

Q: What is Pilgrimage Livingspaces all about?

A: Pilgrimage Livingspaces is a lifestyle store, a representation of life returning back to what is authentic and meaningful in life. A store for people who are looking for unique handmade exotic pieces, rich in craftsmanship and telling stories of the people, traditions and cultures of the places from which they come. 

Q: What makes your products different from others?

A: The beauty of these products is that they are all made by hand, each unique and using skills of their artisans, often passed down from generation to generation to keep the craft alive. This is the artisan’s livelihood and creative passion, and something I wholeheartedly appreciate, support, and wish to share with others. I can feel a shift happening all around, people yearning to return to the core of what is authentic in life, away from mass-production and disconnect. 

Q: You have so many beautiful and unique products. Where do your source your pieces from?

A: Many of our products are traditional pieces with deep roots to various places we source them from, sometimes adding our own tweaks. On our website, pilgrimagespaces.co.za you can find out about each artisan and often their traditional techniques, and for our customers this adds a deeper level of intimacy and sense of origin for each piece.

Q: Where can we see your products for ourselves?

A: Starting out as mainly an online store to keep our products accessible to all across South Africa we had an overwhelming demand for a space where people can could come get a feel for our products so we have opened up a little showroom at our warehousing facility in Montague Gardens in Cape Town. 

For more information or to purchase any of their products visit pilgrimagespaces.co.za

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