7 Ways To Scandi Your Home

Remember in the '90s when minimal décor was all the rage? Sure, it was as cool as a Calvin Klein supermodel, but interiors also felt really stark and cold—more akin to a museum lobby than a family home. This year, minimal décor is back in full force under a new name with a fresh, inviting, and warm twist. The new modern style, embraces principles of simple, clean design, all the while taking into consideration the feeling of coziness and comfort we all crave at home. It's the best of both worlds, really. 

So what exactly is new modern, and how can you infuse it into your home? What paint color should you choose? How should you accessorize? We detail the style's characteristics with a few handy tips to re-create the look at home. 

Get ready for major cool-girl vibes — new modern is the new décor trend you didn't know your home needed. Here's how you can Scandi your home:

1. Curved Furniture

Straight lines are so 2016. The new modern style is all about embracing curves: on sofas, tables, even mirrors. These more fluid lines add softness to neutral palettes and minimal décor so your room will always look inviting.

2. Tone-on-Tone Walls

One paint trend that's taking over new modern interiors everywhere: going tone on tone. Instead of choosing a separate color for your moldings, trims, and ceiling, try using the same color across the board. This technique creates instant coziness.

 Image courtesy of sofacompany.com

Image courtesy of sofacompany.com

3. Matte Finishes

Move over, shiny materials. The new modern style adopts a more subdued approach to finishes: Think unpolished wood, honed marble, or powder-coated metals. It's perfectly understated and so elegant. 

4. Sculptural Lighting

One thing you'll need in a new modern interior is statement contemporary lighting. Skip the ornate chandeliers or the lamps with intricate lampshades, and instead opt for striking LED pendants and orb lamps. 

5. Soft Textures

New modern interiors are minimal in essence, but they're never cold. To balance the clean lines and neutral color palettes, introduce lots of soft textures through pillows and throws. Think fur, linen, velvet, wool—the more, the merrier.

 Image courtesy of sofacompany.com

Image courtesy of sofacompany.com

6. Statement Greenery

Bring life into your new modern interior with statement greenery. Add a single monstera leaf in a vase, fill a jar with leafy eucalyptus branches, add an olive tree in a sunny corner, or place a hanging plant at the top of a bookcase. Let your plants steal the show.

7. Classic Architectural Details

Another element that warms up a new modern interior is the architectural details that surround it. Just like the perfect French interior, the best spaces are the ones where an attention to detail has been paid to the floors, crown moldings, doorways, and even hardware. It doesn't need to be an 18th-century Parisian apartment; it just needs to be thoughtfully designed and representative of the period your home was built in.



The Danish are always setting the trend in furniture design & what is trending in 2017 is quilting, two tone or two different colour fabrics on one style, piping detail, then sleek, elegant leg lines in either natural oak or copper or brass. 

 Image courtesy of sofacompany.com

Image courtesy of sofacompany.com

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Original article published on mydomaine.com