Black is the New Black

 Image by Doswell and Mclean 

Image by Doswell and Mclean 

Italtile have joined forces with local and international partners to bring you one of the latest bathroom trends – black bathroom fittings.

The latest in home decor is minimalistic, stark colour pallets with splashes of colour and the use of texture. Italtile has drawn its inspiration from Scandinavian design concepts that emphasise neutral, unassuming décor, with splashes of colour and texture to raise a focal point.

Integrating this trend into a South African style, Italtile have partnered with Domline to bring you a range of black bathroom accessories that can be used to add an accent of colour to a blank bathroom canvass.

In addition to the accessories, Italtile have also brought out a beautiful range of bathroom taps that are now available in matt black. 

To view their new range click here.