Home Inspiration: 13 Rooms That Flawlessly Work That Rattan

Rattan has been around for many moons, but this season it’s getting all sorts of stylish updates. No longer reserved for beachy getaways, the material is proving how versatile it can be when it comes to home decor. Its compelling texture makes it a stellar accent for a minimalist aesthetic, while the various weaves let it jump from fun and playful to chic and sophisticated, depending on the vibe you’re after. If you’re in the market for new ways to refresh and revitalize your home for spring, check out the magic-making abilities of rattan below.

1. Sweet Shelving

Light and breezy tropical colors pair perfectly with this material. Add a rattan accent or two — like a tiny mirror — for instant vacay vibes.

  Image:  Brittany Kingery  

2. Textural Treats

What goes better with rattan than texture? Nada. Mix in cozy textiles and unique patterns for a lovely layered look.

3. Natural Complement

Rattan’s natural aesthetic makes it a stellar complement for organic designs. Pair it with plants and earthy neutrals for a comprehensive, cohesive style.

4. Bright + Beachy

Prefer to keep things light and white? Add a touch of this material for a light and beachy accent.

  Image: Solebich

Image: Solebich

5. Minimalist Lovin’

One of the things that makes rattan so awesome is the fact that it’s decor in and of itself. So if you have a pared-back, minimalist aesthetic, adding functional decor like a light fixture will liven up your look without overcrowding it.

  Image:  My Domaine

Image: My Domaine

6. Kilim Killer

Kilim and rattan are a match made in interior design heaven. Marry the two in your home for a global design that’ll get your creative juices flowing.

  Image:  The Style Files

7. Work the Weave

It works with nearly any style sensibility, depending on how it’s woven. A fine, tight weave transforms it from fun and playful to chic and sophisticated with ease.

  Image:  Glitter Guide

8. Dreamy Decor

Wishing for an unintrusive bed frame that’ll update your look without overwhelming it? Consider your wish granted.

  Image:  Ave Styles

Image: Ave Styles

9. Pretty Pastels

Pastels will be everywhere this year. And they just so happen to update this material flawlessly.

10. Updated Bar Cart

Bar carts needn’t be all metal all the time. Consider showcasing nature’s nectar from atop a rattan cart for an unexpected but uber-cute look.

11. Colorful Cheer

Looking for ways to infuse a little more cheer into your design? Pair bold colors with rattan to brighten up your everyday.

  Image:  Honestly WTF

Image: Honestly WTF

12. Comfy Cozy

Prefer comfy and cozy to light and breezy? No problem. Layer on some chunky knits and inviting throws for a laid-back design that won’t feel too heavy.

  Image:  Honestly WTF

Image: Honestly WTF

13. Baby Brightness

A nursery wouldn’t be our first thought for rattan, but we’re sure glad it was someone’s! Add some to your little one’s room for an adorable update to match your adorable nugget.

  Image:  Glitter Guide


Original article written by Kelly Weimert, published by Brit + Co