10 New St Leger & Viney Fabrics You Need In Your Home

Here’s 10 beautiful fabric collections from St Leger and Viney’s new range of Thibaut and Anna French fabrics that you simply can’t go without.

1. Thibaut's Mosaic Collection


2. Thibaut's Oasis Collection


3. Thibaut's Calypso Collection


4. Thibaut's Courtyard Collection


5.  Thibaut's Kaleidoscope Collection


6. Thibaut's Portico Collection


7. Anna French's Rue de Seine Collection


8. Anna French's Natural Glimmer Collection


9. Anna French's Lace Collection


10. Anna French's Ballard Collection

Shop these beautiful fabrics at the St Leger and Viney showrooms in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, for more information click here.

All images by Thibaut Design