​​​​​​​5 Reasons to Buy Local this Christmas

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Local really is lekker and Deziree Smith, Director and creative genius behind Whimsical Collection, a popular African Gift range, tells us the benefits of keeping our Christmas goodies local. 

When purchasing local gifts items, it’s also nice to know that they come with great stories behind them; from the materials they are made with to the loving business owner who has invested great time and effort into producing them. With the holiday season around the corner, lets support local businesses and add a special touch of Africa under the Christmas tree. Here are five reasons why we should keep it local:

1. You can help boost the local economy

Keeping it local not only supports our economy but also helps diversify the economy by encouraging more entrepreneurs and more unique businesses, such as Whimsical and other creative artists, unique products and food items, that larger commercial stores cannot provide. 

2. You can help create jobs

Small businesses provide almost one-third of employment (27%) to the local economy, however, 38% of them do not make a profit. By supporting local, you create and retain jobs in your area, which is something we pride ourselves on at Whimsical Collection. 

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3. You can buy original, one-off gifts

Made with love, handcrafted, local and quality items are sure to get the response you are looking for. Local arts and crafts create amazing once-off pieces for the holiday season. Whimsical Collection, for example, is a celebration of African animals that create fun memorable designs on practical products. This year the team has introduced a new Christmas range comprising of dinner placemats, cards & envelopes, and beautiful gift tags. Each of the products feature the zebra, lion, leopard, elephant, giraffe, and rhino. Best of all, local products come with a local price tag. Generally, the pricing is competitive and you can even save!

4. You can help the environment

Less money spent on fuel and packaging means a lower carbon footprint. Less time in the car means more time with family, friends and enjoying life.

5. You can support local charities

Local businesses support local organisations and charities. Whimsical Collection has supportedThe Rhino Orphanage for many years but without consumer support, local businesses can’t give back and help local causes, pr

With local businesses and small independent shops offering environmentally friendly, ethical and locally made products at competitive pricing – it’s no wonder local is lekker and makes a popular Christmas gift list choice for us South African’s. 

For further information about Whimsical Collection and the all new Christmas range, visit www.whimsicalcollection.co.za or follow them on Facebook or Instagram @whimsical_collectio