5 Ways to Make Your Act Have Impact this Mandela Day

Does every good act lead to impact? This is the question all South Africans should be asking as they prepare to invest 67 minutes of their time to Mandela Day on 18 July. The answer, according to forgood, an online platform that connect individuals and businesses to accredited causes, is less about what you do than how you do it. 

“Like all good relationships, volunteering is about finding the perfect match for your time, skills and passions. You need to have an interest in the cause, in the work they’re doing and the opportunities they’re creating, or it won’t work,” says Andy Hadfield, CEO of www.forgood.co.za.  

There is no doubt that Nelson Mandela’s actions continue to have a positive impact on society. So how can we follow his example by making sure we invest our time wisely this Mandela Day?

Here's 5 ways to make your act have impact this Mandela Day:

1. It Starts At Home

Or close to it. Find a cause near your work or community. You’ll be surprised how many causes are in your hood - proximity will ensure you can make yourself available to them in a way that’s convenient and cost effective for everyone. 

2. Match Your Skills with Needs

Causes need computer geeks, writers and accountants as much as they need walls painted and boxes packed. Match your personal or professional skills with a cause that wants and needs them.

3. Spring Clean with a Purpose

Cleaning out your garage or cupboards? Don’t dump your perfectly reusable stuff. Match your goods with a cause who needs them – now that’s lasting impact!

4. Don’t Overcommit 

Commit to a time and honour it. Causes rely and plan around volunteers. If you don’t show up, many people are let down. 

5. Follow Your Heart

Find a cause that meets your passions and use your skills to turn your act into impact.

Looking for the perfect match for your passion, skills and donations this Mandela Day? Visit www.forgood.co.za and match your interests with accredited causes to ensure smart and sustainable impact. 

Forgood is an online platform that connects ordinary people to reputable causes where they can choose to donate goods, volunteer or even offer their skilled services to a cause in need. The site has more than 1 300 different opportunities and 500 social causes for people to choose from nationwide.

Visit the Mandela Day 2017 Campaign here: forgood.co.za/campaign/profile/mandela-day-2017

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