15 Beertails to Share with Dad this Father's Day

These 15 beertails will change the way you do happy hour with Pops forever:

1. Spicy Micheladas 

If you’re asking yourself why this beertail looks a heck of a lot like a Bloody Mary, that’s because it pretty much is… only with beer subbed in for the vodka. You can make these as spicy as you like, plus they’re a great refreshment for a hot summer day. Via Freutcake


2. Iceberg Margarita

You’ve probably seen a similar version of this drink at beachside bars, but now you can make your own at home with your choice of beer. Try using a light lager for a salty and refreshing flavor. Via Superman Cooks


3. Irish Snakebite Beer Cocktail

Beware: This snakebite is so drinkable, it will sneak up on you like a python if you’re not careful. Achieve the beautiful layering effect by pouring the cider in first, then adding the Guinness slowly over the back of a spoon. Via Pretty Prudent


4. Watermelon Shandy 

You don’t have to be a mixologist to pull off this simple drink. All you need is fresh watermelon, pureed and strained, and your dad’s favorite wheat beer. The result is a sweet and invigorating treat for you both to share. Via Perpetually Hungry 


5. Strawberry Rhubarb Shandy

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of seasonal produce, and it doesn’t get much more seasonal than strawberry and rhubarb. Make this for Father’s Day and it might just become your new favorite all season long. Via Baking a Moment


6. Chambord & Ginger Beer Cocktail

Effervescent ginger beer combined with raspberry Chambord, club soda and a splash of vodka make up this fresh and fruity beertail. It’s the perfect ice cold beverage to have on a hot summer day. Via Cooks With Cocktails


7. Cherry Beer Slushies

Just because you and your dad are “adults” doesn’t mean you can’t share a slushie on Father’s Day. Dad is more likely to partake if it’s a beer slushie like this cherry-flavored concoction. Via Perpetually Hungry 


8. Rye Got Lei’d Cocktail

If there has ever been a perfect dad cocktail, this is it. If your father likes to end his evenings with a glass of rye and is a fan of hoppy IPA beers, he’ll obsess over this malty beertail with a fruity twist. (via Saloon Box)


9. Cool Summer Blueberry Beer and Lime Cocktail

Since blueberry beer is quite sweet, it pairs well with tangy lime and vodka. The two are perfectly balanced with one another and create a summer staple cocktail Dad will beg for over and over. Via Drool-Worthy


10. Monacolada 

Think of this drink as a sugary version of a Michelada. It combines grenadine, lime juice and Corona to build a sweet and sour libation that can’t be beat. Via Fox and Fennel


11. Blood Orange and Grapefruit Beer Cocktail

This cocktail is citrus city, and we’re not mad about it. Grapefruit beer, blood orange juice and lemon juice mesh into one glorious, tangy experience that’s good until the last drop. Via Cooks With Cocktails


12. Spicy Mango Micheladas

You HAVE to make these micheladas for your Father’s Day brunch. It’s an OG beertail with a sweet and spicy twist that will have the whole family asking for the recipe. Via What Do You Crave?


13. Black Velvet

When you think of a beertail, you probably don’t automatically envision a Guinness and Champagne combo. News flash: You should. Your dad will love the brooding color, and you’ll love the fresh bubbly pop. Via Always Order Dessert


14. White IPA and Raspberry Beermosa

Your typical mimosa combines fruit juice with Champagne, but for this one, swap the Champagne for IPA and you’ll have yourself a beermosa. Fresh raspberries add another layer of flavor that’s essential for Father’s Day breakfast. Via A Better Happier St. Sebastian


15. Exotic Delicious Dark and Stormy Cocktail 

Of course, this drink looks beautiful and welcoming, but its three ingredients offer a monsoon of flavors that won’t soon be forgotten. Show your dad your mad bartending skills by whipping him up a few of these bad boys. Via Dishes Delish


Original article by Brit + co.