A Posy for Me, a Posy for You

It’s your best friends birthday, and you want to buy her a gorgeous bunch of flowers and deliver it to her office, but when you search online for same day flower delivery option in Cape Town, you are confronted with only token, expensive flower bouquets offered from big gifting services.

What do you do? This is the problem that Kim du Plessis found when she moved back to Cape Town a year ago, and she wanted to order same day flower delivery for a friend’s engagement. “All the bunches were either too expensive, or they just werent original. There just wasn’t anything special or unqiue on offer at a reasonable price”. 

Having seen a growth in boutique online flower delivery services in Australia, Du Plessis, a town planner by trade, decided launch her own posy delivery service in Cape Town—Petal & Post. 

“I felt that there was space for a service in South Africa that delivers reasonably-priced posies that have a unique, natural ‘straight-from-the-field’ feel," said Du Plessis.  

The idea is simple: every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, the Petal&Post team is up early, finding the freshest seasonal blooms in Cape Town’s flower markets and wholesalers. They create one unique style of posy, which they call ‘Today’s Posy’, and post the picture at 9am on Instagram and on their website.

“We always try to choose seasonal, fresh, and local flowers, as these are longer-lasting,” says Kim. “Our posies include plenty of greens, like the shimmering leaves of the velvety silver tree, and indigenous flowers, like the Madiba Protea or blushing bride, to create the ‘wild’ look that is our signature.”

Once the posy is posted online, Instagram and Facebook act as a kind of shop window, where customers can stop and look, and order a bunch. The best bunches tend to sell out quickly, but you can pre-order a posy, or subscribe to receive weekly blooms that are sent to your home or office, waiting in anticipation to discover what posy you have pre-ordered. 

Have a look at the Petal&Post website for “Today’s Posy” or our subscription offers for your home or office.

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