Nuts 101

Nuts are a great, healthy snack that needs little prep. They are packed with vitamin B and are a very healthy protein. And they’re great for cooking too, adding extra flavour and texture to dishes. From storing to cooking, here are a few simple tips to make life easier, and tastier for us nut nuts. 


1. Once you’ve got your nuts home from the shop, store them in airtight containers in a cool, dry and preferably dark place. The aim is to avoid light, heat, moisture and air, as all of these contribute to turning nuts stale or rancid.

2. If you’ve bought a bulk bag of nuts on sale it’s probably best to freeze some of them, as they can easily turn rancid at room temperature. Store each type of nut separately in an airtight container and make sure you add the date, because they won’t last longer than a year in the freezer. This is also a great solution for storing nut flour too.


1. Roasting nuts brings out their delicious flavours. Just pop your shelled nuts on a baking sheet and roast for about 7-10 min. Chop and sprinkle on salads, ice cream, or anything else you fancy.

2. Finely chop pecan nuts with an equal amount of breadcrumbs and voila, you have our own tasty nut-crumb mixture. Now roll your fillet of fish or chicken breast in lightly beaten egg white and into the crumb mixture. Crumby yummy.

3. Almonds or cashews are great in a stir-fry. Just toss your nut of choice with your favourite stir-fry ingredients and you’re done.

4. Side dishes don’t need to be boring any more. Add a splash of roasted pecans or hazelnuts to butternut or sweet-potato sides.

5. Looking for a tasty vegan paté? Sauté 1 cup chopped mushrooms with a diced small onion in olive until soft. Once cooled, season with black pepper. Purée with a large handful of walnuts. If it’s looking a bit too thick, thin with a little white wine. Easy-peasy.