Ngwenya Glass Really Cares

The Glass is Always Greener on our Side

Since its rebirth in 1987, Ngwenya Glass has been more than an inspiring success story.  It is an environmentalist’s dream.  The products, which include a wide range of tableware, art glass and ornamental African animals, are all handmade from 100 % recycled glass!

It is not surprising that Ngwenya Glass has become one of Southern Africa’s major eco-friendly handcraft producers!  

Ngwenya Glass has been proudly recycling 100 % recycled glass since 1987.  They use waste newspaper as a very effective packaging material, re-use grey water and have rainwater catchments for factory use. They also use purified old engine oil and KFC oil to fuel their furnaces.  (Did you know that one litre of oil can pollute one million litres of water?)

Ngwenya Glass has for the past 27 years paid a percentage of our worldwide sales to the Mkhaya Game Reserve (refuge for endangered species in the Lowveld of Swaziland). They also support numerous orphanages and charities in Swaziland and South Africa and have an active HIV/AIDS policy and program.   
Ngwenya Glass also pays a monthly salary to a counselor who councils abused children, women and HIV/Aids patients.

These unique products are available at the “Handmade in Swaziland” boutique shop in the Watershed at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.  Tel:  (+27) 21 4180654
Ngwenya Glass Swaziland:  (+268) 244 24053 / 244 24151 / 244 24142

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