Come Over to the Cafféluxe Side

If you love coffee, it's a given that you'll love Cafféluxe. Why you ask?

1. It's delicious. No, really. Whether dark or medium roast, African, South American or European, our range of delectable coffees will keep your tastebuds begging for more. 

2.  It's affordable. Top quality doesn't have to cost the earth. That's why as superior as Cafféluxe is, it's wonderfully affordable too, giving you value for money you won't find anywhere else.  

3.  It's convenient. Just pop your Cafféluxe capsule into your espresso machine, press a button, and you'll have rich, fragrant coffee streaming into your cup in seconds.

4.  It's local. Why invest in international brands when you can enjoy the ultimate in Proudly South African coffee, manufactured, roasted and brewed in our very own state-of-the-art, food-safe factory in Cape Town. Lekker!

5.   It's innovative. Flavoured coffees, Rooibos tea, hot chocolate, aluminium capsules, biodegradable capsules and kid-friendly flavours too. If you can dream it, you can drink it, all thanks to Cafféluxe.

Best of all, if you need your Cafféluxe flavour fix in a hurry, you won't be kept waiting. Simply order your capsules online, or purchase them from leading retailers, and you'll be enjoying a cup of pure bliss before you know it.