6 Juice Bars to Visit

If you keep up with the latest health food trends you’re more than likely already juicing. And if you don’t have a NutriBullet yet, well then, here are a few places across SA that you need to try, in order to get your cold-pressed juice fix. These fresh juices are the best, and tastiest, way for our bodies to absorb the nutrients and minerals in fruits and veg. Make sure to go and check out the websites for details on detoxing, cold-pressing, the passion behind each brand, and what veg and fruits make great combos - for when you’re juicing at home. 

Bliss Juicery - Jozi
You’ll find them in Jozi, where they are the talk of the town. Their cold-pressed juices are 100% natural—no additives or preservatives—and are designed to provide a healthy burst of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. They offer smoothies and wellness shots too. Need to get back to great health? Sign up for their 1-day, 3-day or 5-day cleanses.

Orchard on Long - Cape Town
Here you’ll find a selection of freshly squeezed and cold-pressed juices, pressed with Norwalk juicers which retain up to 5x the vitamins, minerals and enzymes compared to standard extraction. The produce used is from their organic rooftop garden above their shop. They also offer a 3-day activation juice cleanse and a 5-day purify juice cleanse. Where do we sign up?

Juiced Co - Durban & Jozi
Juice Co’s cold-pressed juices can be found and bought online, as wells as in restaurants and health shops in Durban and Jozi. Their juice cleanses are designed with input from a dietician, so you know you can trust their guidance. And there’s a soup cleanse option too. 

Kauai - nationwide
You’ll find a Kauai just around the corner—especially if you go to the gym. Their aim is to conveniently bring you healthy, tasty and nutritious juices. Choose from a variety of smoothies and juices. Fresh ingredients, tasty products and low calories. Make sure you try the Flu Shot next winter.

Juice Revolution - online deliveries
If juice cleanses or detoxing is your thing, then Juice Revolution is for you. They offer cold-pressed juices made from the freshest raw produce, are free of artificial ingredients and preservatives, and are delivered direct to you, wherever you are in SA. Yup, you order them, they freeze the juices—with your vitamin and mineral goodness locked in—and they're off to you. Just defrost and drink. 

Nurish - online deliveries
No matter where you are in SA, Nourish has the juice for you. You can order online and these cold-pressed, raw and unpasteurised juices will be delivered to you. You can expect juices that will revitalise you, and some even dangle the carrot of possibly even erasing cellulite. We think that’s definitely worth a try.