With Craft Gin—You Win!

*Image taken at The Gin Bar in Cape Town

Two people will each win a bottle of Woodstock Gin as well as a case of Fitch & Leedes Indian Tonic each; read on for cocktail tips from artisan gin makers.

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Try these gin cocktail tips from local artisan gin makers

Woodstock Gin Company 
Want to try a new, refreshing cocktail? Simply add rosemary, gooseberries and a slice of lemon to a tot of Inception Gin and let your tastebuds experience a whole new world of Gin! 

*Inception is a 100% artisanal, premium South African gin, infused with juniper berries and a unique fynbos recipe.

Musgrave Gin 
If you making a martini – don’t skimp on the quality of your gin choice.  This is the flavour. Different gins go well with so many different mixers and flavours so play a lot. Use wide globe glasses for the best G&T and good quality ice matters a lot.

New Harbour Distillery 
When making a G&T, some tonic waters in South Africa like Schweppes can taste very sweet, so we suggest blending your G&T with half Schweppes tonic water, half Soda water. It really releases and prolongs the flavour of the gin more. Otherwise just trying a few other tonic waters such as Fevertree, Fitch and Leeds or even Swaan which is locally produced in the Swartland, that's my personal favourite and will really improve your G&T experience.

Inverroche Distillery 
Apart from the Martini, gin is most commonly associated with the G&T and few cocktails are as simple yet so controversial as the gin and tonic. Every bartender and every gin connoisseur has his or her own take on creating the perfect G&T. Here is our take in the quest for utter perfection:The best way to prepare an Inverroche G&T is to: select a highball glass which tapers to the top to retain as much of the aroma in the glass; or even better, use a Burgundy wine glass on a sturdy stem. High-quality ice is also essential. The frostier the G&T, the better: to accomplish that, glasses should be chilled in the freezer before use. When   making the drink, ice should be rock-hard and absolutely frozen, and packed all the way up to the brim – that ensures that it will melt more slowly. The ratio is vital as most people drown the gin with too much tonic: Use a 1/4 gin : 3/4 tonic and for a standard glass use a double tot of gin. Pour the gin over the ice. Add a long curl of zest – avoid the pith and never put a slice of citrus in as  the sharpness of the citric acid makes it sour. The soft oils in the skin soften the bitterness of the tonic and enhance the flavour of gin. Tonic is often bought as an afterthought but comprises the majority of the drink. It should enhance, not overpower the gin, so look for a tonic that complements the gin: not too sweet and overly lemony or bitter.  Add tonic, give a stir and enjoy!

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