The Bacon Pop-up Bar in Franschhoek

Yes, you read that headline correctly: a bar devoted entirely to bacon. Expect off-the-wall décor, no, literally, there are pigs coming out of eggshells on the one wall… It’s an utterly surreal and whimsical setting. Every single item on the menu is centred on bacon, even the sweet stuff.

The bar is the manifestation of Bacon of the Month Club (twelve months; twelve different bacons, developed and produced by Neil Jewell of Bread & Wine). We caught up with head chef Bianca Davies to find out what’s-what at this pork palace.


So Bianca, what can guests expect from the bacon bar menu?
From the savoury to the sweet we aren't afraid to mix it up. Classic combos like bacon and avocado on freshly baked baps are always a winner. Unusual treats like bacon and dark chocolate brownies were given the eyebrow at first, however now we can't bake enough of them!

Our free-range aged beef burgers are sourced from Spier's Farmer Angus. Topped with cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, rocket and Neil Jewell’s streaky bacon of course; they're the reason my fiancé gets out of bed on weekends.

Some of your favourite items?
The French toast is my weakness. We bake bacon into the actual bread. Once cooked hot and crisp, it's generously laden with more bacon, dusted with cinnamon sugar and showered in maple syrup.

Are you currently working on a new menu?
Yes! We are launching a new spring menu any day.

Can you give us some hints?
Think, pulled pork buns with bacon slaw; beetroot and bacon salad with pickled veggies and creamy Feta; bacon-fat crackers with cheese and preserves...and now I’m hungry.

A little bit about you, how did you get involved in the bacon game?
I've had flour and eggs in my hair since a kid. I’ve always been happiest cooking something up for friends and family. I went to study ‘Cuisine & Pastry’ in Paris. I fell in love with swanky French desserts and pastries, but was always fascinated by using savoury items in desserts. Aubergine ice cream is rather life changing. So when I came back to SA and got involved with the brilliant Nikki Friedman and her brainchild Bacon of the Month Club, who could possibly say no to turning that into a Bacon Bar?


Your favourite way to eat bacon…
straight out of the pan, still in my slippers
Lunch: chopped and chunky in my Caesar-ish salad with a generous dose of garlic and Worcestershire sauce in the dressing.
Supper: I love a frittata. I always add bacon, cheese and whatever veggies are in my fridge. It's such a speedy dish but creamy, fluffy and oh-so satisfying.
Dessert: I've been testing out some cinnamon sugar, medjool date and bacon sticky buns. Oh my sainted-auntie are they good!

Care to share any tricks for cooking bacon?
People take their bacon very seriously. There seems to be a scale of crispiness. I love my bacon just done. Still juicy, subtle and mouth-wateringly yum. The trick for me is eating it just the way you like it.

Can you share a mini recipe for something simple?
A speedy version of bacon jam is a great addition to a cheese platter or breakfast spread. Cook your bacon until just done in the oven. Meanwhile caramelise some onions and with a generous sprinkle of brown sugar and maple syrup. I like to add chilli flakes for some kick. Deglaze your onions with a dash of balsamic vinegar and whiskey. Dice your bacon and add it to the pan. Add one cup of good quality coffee, season and cook down until sticky, smoky and sweet. Enjoy!

The Bacon Pop-Up Bar
16 Huguenot Road / For frther information please contact: 021 876 8443