In a pickle

With its distinctive petticoat shape the peppadew is a sweet piquanté pepper. Only discovered in the early 90s, this pepper is distinctly South African, mention its name across our borders and you’re bound to get quizzical looks.

Autumn is peppadew season, and if you have your own crop at home, they’re decidedly easy to pickle (they taste best when prepared like this). Stuff your pickled peppers with Feta for a delicious canapé, as a pizza topping, a condiment for chicken dishes, or to liven up a salad.


Cut off the stem of the peppadews (500g), and scrape out the seeds using a paring knife. Rinse under cold water.

Make a brine solution of 60 g coarse salt (we used pink Himalayan) and 600 ml water. Let the salt dissolve in the water, then pour over the prepared peppadews. Leave overnight at room temperature.

The next day, gather together these ingredients:

375ml white grape vinegar
300ml white sugar
250ml water
4 slices ginger
4 garlic cloves, peeled and whole
10ml peppercorns  
4 bay leaves
2 small whole chillies, stem removed

To pickle

1. Rinse the brined peppadews with cold water and leave to drain.

2. In a large pot combine all ingredients (except for the chillies and peppadews), stir well over low heat until all the sugar has dissolved. Then bring to a boil and add peppadews and chillis cook for approximately one minute.

3. Then, scoop the peppadews into sterilised jars, and top with hot liquid. Let pickle for a couple of days, then enjoy!