How to host a chicnic

We recently went to a chicnic (a chic picnic) held at Allée Bleue Wine Estate. We steal some pointers for you to hold your own.

1. Set up a table with chairs in the dappled shade of a tree.

2. Then into a wicker picnic basket pack:

3. Just like Allée Bleue incorporates their own produce into the picnic, do likewise with herbs from your garden. Even decorate your table with fragrant herbs in vases.

4. Serve dishes in jars: think cold noodle salads, rice dotted with nuts, a vibrant salad layered to show off the colours, and so on.

5. Wrap cheese and bread in brown paper packages—tied up with string, of course

6. Wrap up bite-sized and easy to handle desserts

7. Serve all on wooden boards

8. Make sure there’s wine—serve with proper glassware, you’re at a table after all. 

Or bring the family to Allée Bleue Wine Estate   and let them do the prepping and washing up. Plus, they have entertainment for the kids…

Chicnic baskets should be booked prior to your arrival. Prices start from R185 per person, while a special basket for children is available at R65.  Live Music available on Sundays. To book and for more details, call 021 874 1021.