Where to find the best milkshakes in Cape Town

One of the few simple, child-like pleasures of life has got to be slurping down on a milkshake. Yes, Steri-Stumpies are an awesome quick treat, and nothing can ever really compare to that strawberry ‘shake from Wimpy while on a road trip… but here in Cape Town we really are quite spoilt for choice when it comes to where you want to get your milkshake fix.

Mr Pickwicks is situated on Long Street and open 24 hours a day, making this rustic little hole-in-the-wall a perfect cosy hide out for students and travellers. These guys really know how to make a midnight snack! You can get their milkshakes in medium or large, but note that the medium can fill you up big time so share it with somebody if you plan on eating too! Their flavour range is simple, but delicious. Definitely a chocaholics’ dream. Bar One, Peppermint Crisp, Turkish Delight, Oreo… and when I say Oreo, I mean OREO. They literally put in whole Oreos. To die for. And with specials and deals on all the time, who in their right mind could resist?

Royale Eatery is also on Long Street, but closer to the top. This divine little diner is known for its burgers and ‘shakes. They have over 50 gourmet burgers on their list, all of which are designed to make your mouth explode. Family suitable and decorated with hats, musical notes, instruments, flowers and other tiny wonders, Royale Eatery has turned into a Capetonian burger institution. They have a range of about 20 unique milkshake combos (including Romany Cream, Peanut Butter and Banana, and even Avocado and Mint) which never disappoint… but again, these ‘shakes are big so maybe opt for sharing one as a dessert after your meal.

Protea Hotel Fire and Ice can be found just off of Bree Street. Their milkshakes come in delicious flavours, some with an added twist! You can choose from a decedent Lindt chocolate milkshake, or if you’re feeling naughty then go for a ‘shake with a little vooma such as the Cosmopolitan (yes, like the cocktail!). The bar area is trendy and you're sure to spot a celeb on occasion, making the spot somewhere you definitely want to be seen in. Their menu is so intriguing that you’ll find yourself wanting to go back and try every single one. Their glasses look like mini fishbowls, so I suggest going there with no intention of eating and allowing yourself to tuck into a milkshake instead. They're also open 24 hours, which makes this spot more popular than the 24 hour Engen in the wee hours of the morning.

Milkshakes are definitely my weakness, and I know I’m not alone… so why not give one of these places (or all) a try!

Lexi joined the Good Taste team as an intern at the begining of June 2012. Lexi studied journalism and has a passion for photography and travel, and one day plans to join all three loves by working as a travel photojournalist.

Lexi has an addiction to sushi and Mexican food and if someone opened a restaurant selling them both she'd would most likely marry them on the spot. Lexi also plans to travel SA in the hopes of finding the best red velvet cake and macaroons.

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