Welcome to the Bungalow

A few weeks ago I was invited to The Bungalow Restaurant & Lounge in Clifton. Some of you may know this much-loved spot used to be the Sunday night institution that was La Med.

As we rolled up (because that’s what you do when going to places like this) we instantly felt the French Riviera air that The Bungalow's chic nautical décor exudes. 

It was one of those not-quite-winter-but-definitely-no-longer-summer nights—so we opted to sit inside. There were, however, a brave few hoping to savour those last few rays of summer on the deck area. There’s even a plunge pool to dangle your feet in during those sticky summer days.

Inside, jazzy tunes drifted in with the salty sea air, giving off a little Miami nightlife feel. Funnily enough our table was in the exact spot where I spent many a Sunday night cutting a rug to Jon Bon’s Living on a Prayer. So for old time's sake we ordered a couple of Coronas and reminisced about a simpler time when a BOB T card and your La Med Membership were all you needed in life.

Almost every seat and table were occupied and there was an unexpected coziness that you often don’t get in these sorts of CT hotspots. Many tables were lined with couches, which looked comfy but did make for some interesting eating and drinking poses by the patrons.

The Bungalow’s menu caters to all tastes. As you would expect, there’s a strong emphasis on seafood with plenty of sushi, and there are also pasta, meat and poultry dishes. For starters, we shared a couple of fashion sandwiches, which were the ideal size to warm up our stomachs for the main arrival.

I had the Norwegian Salmon, with crushed rosemary salt while my devastatingly good-looking date (whom the waitress also enjoyed) had the fillet in Bungalow’s secret basting sauce. The beef was tender and tasty while the salmon was deliciously flakey with a slightly firmer salty crust.


By the end of the evening, we were both too stuffed to tuck into dessert but we spottedThe Bugalow Sundae on another table that caused instant food envy. Then we rolled out of there (because that’s what you do when you indulged as much as we did).

All in all, we really enjoyed The Bungalowand it’s nice to see a restaurant that mixes comfort and chic and doesn’t simply ride on its post-card perfect location to please its customers. Although it is a little on the steep side, it’s a great place to spoil yourself after a long day at the office or hard day at the beach.

Visit thebungalow.co.za to find out more.

The BungalowGlen Country Club3 Victoria Road (Old LA Med)Clifton

General Enquiries:+27 (0) 21 438 2018 info@thebungalow.co.zaReservations:+27 (0) 21 438 2018 reservations@thebungalow.co.za 

Starting on the 17th of May The Bungalow introduces Live Jazz and Blues evenings to enjoy with their speciality comfort winter menu by their cozy fireplace.

Live Jazz and Blues every Thursday and Saturday from 7.30pm to 10.30pm featuring Lee Thomson Quartet, Alvin Dyers and Rhythm Connection, Jason Realon Band, GMQ featuring Gavin Minter, Dan Shout Project, Tones of Note featuring Rus Nerwich, Gerald Clarke as well as their very own in–house DJ Tess from New York on the decks every Sunday between 4 and 7pm.