Santa Went to Smitten


My sisters and I must be the only grownup girls who still get a Christmas stocking every year. Since I can remember, my mom hangs up three bulging stockings filled with amazing knickknacks from secret little shops she’s found around CT.

Of course as we pull each pretty little present out of our stocking we squeal with delight as if we were a bunch of 7-year-olds. Spoilt as we may be, it’s the BEST part of our Christmas and a tradition we hope to keep going until we are old and grey at Shady Pines one day.

This year my mom went all out, and when I asked her where she got most of the goodies she told me about this new shop called Smitten in Wynberg. Needless to say, the first chance I got I popped into their store to have a look for myself. I must have spent the better part of the morning in some sort of trance as I looked through this fully-stocked décor store.

Smitten is stocked with so many things, such as homeware, clothing, ceramics, kids accessoriesand of course beautiful décor for your home. And, having a slightly ridiculous obsession with wrapping paper, here’s my favourite part of the visit: Gifts bought at the store can also be wrapped in their specially designed Smitten wrapping paper and finished off with a little hanging heart. (Be still my beating heart.)

You can find Smitten at the Farriers Centre, 53 Constantia Rd in Wynberg, Cape Town. Call them on 021-762-9687 or visit them on Facebook.

One more very important thing! Smitten is giving away a gift voucher worth R300, all you have to do is like their FB page here and Good Taste's page too, here. Do it, do it now.

Smitten is a lifestyle shop, started by of two creative sisters, Charlene & Tracey who have created a space for you to find objects of utmost beauty to give, get, inspire, enjoy and most importantly ... love.   

Images by: Kathryn Rossiter from Becoming You.