Jane’s Delicious Garden: Garden Planner


Continuing the theme of ‘green’ living I’ll be taking a look at resources to help plan and start your spring garden.

In conjunction with UK basedwww.growveg.com Jane Griffith’s proudly presents Jane’s Delicious Garden: Garden Planner, an invaluable resource for fledgling garden hobbyists through to seasoned sowers. It allows you to map out your garden online, in realtime, providing information on over 130 types of vegetables, flowers and herbs, offering suggestions for companion plants and personalised planting charts.

If that wasn’t enough it’s also localized to your climate, you just type in your postal code and using geographic information from over 5000 weather stations the software automatically updates to provide you with your own personal, region specific seasonal calendar.

It’s easy to use, scalable and available both in metric and imperial measurements with the added benefit of a square foot garden overlay (the concept of which I’ll cover in my next post).

As the pressures of daily life increase it’s all to easy to forget what to plant or harvest when/where and to that end the Growveg sends out twice monthly newsletters to remind you, along with offering great tips and general gardening insight.

Skeptical? Why not take them up on the 30-day FREE trial to see for yourself. At the end of which you have no obligation to continue and if you do, which I’m sure you will, it’s only R170+- for an entire year, less that a single night out with friends.

For more information and to take up the trial offer visit:http://gardenplanner.janesdeliciousgarden.com

Matt Allison is a Cape Town based eco-advocate and urban farmer who's rethinking food one meal at a time. Find out more from him at www.imnojamieoliver.com