Have a Bubbly Weekend: The Sweet Stuff

My mom, godmother and one of my best friends share my love of bubbly. So for the last two Christmas’s I’ve flown home to East London with a bottle of dry MCC in my hand luggage. And both times I’ve been disappointed that they don’t share my love for dry bubbly. They love the sweet stuff. JC’s La Fleurette and Le Domaine, to be specific. 

So on both occasions I popped the cork, poured the wine and waited for an expression of glee—similar to mine. But it just wasn’t to be. They just prefer their sparklings sweet. And there’s nothing wrong with that, I just wish I hadn’t shared by favourites with people who add orange juice to their bubbles or leave half the glass sitting out, because it’s “just too dry”!

So I was happy to be introduced to JC le Roux’s new La Vallée Rosé recently. It’s got a nice hint of sweetness but isn’t overly sweet. The perfect compromise. At least I know this is one MCC I can share with my friends who just can’t say no to the sugar. 

This pink sparkler will go swimmingly well with fresh strawberries, rose-scented Turkish delight or a New York-style cheesecake with berries on top. (Look out for the January issue of Good Taste, for some delicious strawberry recipes that will pair well with this pink.)

I’ll be taking a bottle home this Christmas, and this time I know they won’t be disappointed.