Have a Bubbly Weekend: Hazelnuts or Almonds?

With the festive season approaching I thought it would fitting to introduce you to a few bubblies, in this new series. I am a self-confessed bubbly-addict and although not a professional wine taster, this season I’d like to take you through my experience of a couple of bubblies.

Today’s review is on the Desiderius Pongracz 2003. On receiving this wine, I popped it in my bag, took it home and placed it in the fridge straight away. Without doing any research into the wine I asked my brother-in-law and hubby to taste the wine with me. I was looking for some nutty biscotti to pair with the bubbly, but couldn’t find any so picked up some Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Shortbread instead. 

First we sipped the wine to get a feel of it. Instantly there was a chorus of “Mmm,” from all of us. Dry but not too dry. Nice and nutty with a hint of freshly baked biscuits.
“Hazelnuts,” I said.
“No, almonds, I think,” said Pat.
“Nice and biscuity,” said Alex. “Fresh from the oven.”
And then we tried it with the shortbread. We were happy to find that the pairing worked. The shortbread didn’t take away any flavours from the bubbly. 
That’s what I think a good pairing is. When the wine tastes the same, when you go back to it after tasting your food.

Dying to find out if our tasting measured up to the winemakers comments, we whipped out the iPad before finishing the bottle. It seems we were right on the money. This is what Elunda Basson says about the Desiderius Pongracz 2003: Alluring with a rich complexity and a slight green tint that teems with light, lively bubbles and a raciness on the palate. Nuances of fresh fruit, almonds and freshly bake bread delight the senses.
Darn. Pat was right.

We also found out that this vintage excelled as the Best Cap Classique at the 2011 Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show this year. And we can see why. Absolutely delicious. 
At the end of the evening I had a selfish thought. Perhaps I should have done this tasting by myself. Although maybe not as much fun, I would have at least got a couple more glasses to enjoy.