Checking into Royalty

Last weekend started unlike most. We checked into the Cape Royale Hotel to try out their new Club Prive option. And let’s just say, after two nights of relaxation, delicious steaks, good wine and seeing our city from a tourist’s viewpoint, we weren’t disappointed.

We checked into our room, well actually suite. It was fantastic, definitely big enough to feel at home in. It had all the mod cons in the kitchen, a second bedroom for the extended family, a lounge, dining room and more. The room faced the mountain, and reminded us of how great this city really is.

After checking out our room, our first stop was the hotel’s restaurant, 1800. 1800 is famous for their steaks done on a grill imported from New York—it grills the steaks at 1800° Fahrenheit. We enjoyed our dining experience from start to finish. Even though it started with a bit of a mix up—we were welcomed with complimentary bubbly, as we were mistaken for a couple celebrating a 50th birthday—it only made the evening more enjoyable. (Luckily the waiter mistook my partner, and not me, for being 50!)

The service was friendly and informative—our waiter Dino really made the evening memorable. Not only does 1800 do speciality steaks, but it also offers different flavoured salts (our favourite was smoked paprika) as well as 12 unique, tasty sauces to accompany your choice of steak.

We really enjoyed the Chateaubriand—it was tasty and tender and went really well with the Perigord truffle sauce—a complex, rich mix of port, wine and truffle oil. And, of course, to satisfy my sweet tooth we ended the evening with the chocolate fondant. It takes a little longer to prepare than the other desserts on offer, but it was definitely worth the wait. Made with dark chocolate it wasn’t too sweet and paired well with dessert wine.

When we got back to our room, we were welcomed with the complete five-star turn down service—Lindt balls on our pillows, slippers next to our bed, order form for breakfast in our room, the whole lot. Snuggling down in the soft, white cotton bedding made me feel like a queen. It’s a pity the bed wasn’t a queen or king size. It was disappointing to hop into a bed that was smaller than the one we have at home.

After a relaxing breakfast in our room, in our fluffy cotton robes, we were ready for a day out in the city. We’re southern suburb folk and just don’t spend enough time in the city. So we packed a small backpack for the day and headed out. We took the shuttle to the waterfront, went for a walk along the promenade and back to the hotel. And ended the day on the roof top deck with a cocktail, while we watched the sunset over the sea.

Thanks to the Cape Royal Hotel and Club Prive for putting us up.

The Cape Royale Club Privé is a unique and exclusive Property Vacation Ownership opportunity to the discerning traveller who enjoys personalised and flexible vacations within an exclusive portfolio of the world’s finest luxury private residences, hotel and resorts. To find out more go to or contact 021 430 0796.