Beefcakes – the sauciest bar by far


As soon as you walk through the doors of this Green Pointer’s paradise, you’ll feel as though you’ve somehow stumbled into The Peach Pit from Beverly Hills 90210, circa 1990. Wait, is that dreamboat behind the bar Jason Priestley?

Somehow, a theatrical breeze has blown in behind you, swirling your hair in slow-motion. You’re startled at first, but you style it out and make it work. Meanwhile, Jason’s impeccably gelled bouffant has remained motionless and he’s welcoming you in with a wink...

Ok, snap out of it. You smash-cut back to 2012, Cape Town, and you’ve just entered Beefcakes. Alas, there’s no ‘Brandon’ waiting for you behind the bar but you’re still enjoying the best of 50s-via-90s-California, and there’s an even tastier selection of, um, barmen and waiters steaming up the joint. If they suddenly have an influx of cheeseburger orders, these guys have no shortage of chiseled abs on which to grate their Cheddar. 

The boys behind Beefcakes are Grant and Andrew. Together they have created a saucy, diner-style burger bar with a touch of Miami chic sans moonbags. In fact, some seriously cool cats frequent this classy joint, so it buzzes every night of the week.

With salads for the ‘rabbits’, and their legendary selection of burgers, the tongue-in-cheek menu offers an ideal selection for both meat-eaters and vegetarians. The ‘No Carbs after 7pm’  and ‘Blare Waldorf’ salads sound as tasty as they are cheeky, while the ‘Buffy the Hamburger Slayer’ and ‘Sugar Daddy' burgers certainly give you the awesome sauce idea.

Beefcakes offers to tickle more than just your taste buds. They also have a wide variety of live entertainment acts during the week. From bitchy bingo to their infamous drag shows, some of the Mother City’s hottest talents ham it up weekly on their stage. 

The spot is also the perfect location for a girls-gone-wild hen party. The hosts lay on the less-than-flattering accessories, interspersed among those unmissable abs. 

Visit  to find out more and see their food and drinks menu. Click on their what’s on section to see who’s on stage when.

Whatever happened to Jason Priestley anyway? Forget TV, JP. We heard Beefcakes is hiring.