A Trip to the Food Lover’s Market in Tokai


On the day, we were given a guided tour (yes, it’s that huge) of the urban-chic (if you will) warehouse by Fruit & Veg City cofounder and CEO, Brain Coppin.

To ensure that Food Lover’s Market Tokai becomes a shopper’s sanctuary, the Fruit & Veg City team visited the US, Europe and Australia to find the latest international trends in food and incorporated the best elements into the design of this flagship Food Lover’s. 

“The result is a stylish and modern food emporium – a theatre of food,” says Brian. “What sets this store apart is that we’ve taken our fresh approach to food to the next level. It’s the same value and quality, but now with far more choice.”

Coppin has also introduced novel gourmet food stations to the Tokai store – such as a coffee stationmanned by an experienced barista and offering a wide selection of coffee beans. There’s also an extended cheese counter; a dedicated muffin counter as well as a selection of artisan breads(good gluten-free is that you calling?) and pastries.

My favourite feature has to be The Olive Oil Bar with a selection of olive oils on tap. You can bring your own containers or purchase the containers provided.”

The flagship store also has a new Grill Bar that foodies are sure to appreciate. Not only can you get advice from the expert blockmen in the Butchery, but you can also have your meat prepared to taste. And, in addition to the butchery section, the store also has a special Spice Bar, where you can select just the right amount of spice you need.

The bakery now has an extended confectionery offering. I was mesmerized by the giant Big Daddy Muffins and the Doughnut Robot that makes a whopping 2 000 donuts a day! Homer Simpson come hither.

There’s also an in-house Market Café (with wireless) and a new Wine Bar (with barmen) to complete this one-stop shop. And, as if you needed more convincing, there’s also a Sushi and Oyster Bartoo. 

“Our aim this year is to redefine the food retail experience and to make Food Lover’s Market synonymous with an experiential retail experience,” concludes Coppin. 

So, if you live or work in the area make sure you visit Food Lover’s Market for an all-round great shopping experience. Even if you don’t live close by, grab the kids and dogs and head there over this weekend, the Jelly Bean selection alone will be worth the drive.

To find out more visit www.fruitandvegcity.co.za