Adding to the Christmas Spirit

By Kari Collard

Photography Pierre Marqua

Looking for Christmas decorating ideas? Here’s how to go about making a colourful wreath for your front door.

What you’ll need: 

  • a wreath made of wicker
  • fresh or artificial flowers and foliage
  • pliers
  • floral wire
  • ribbon

Choose two or three types of greenery to incorporate into the wreath, with a complementary selection of festive flowers. Make small bunches of the chosen flora and attach them to the wreath with wire. Working clockwise around the frame, either position the flowers facing in the same direction, or arrange them randomly for a less traditional look. You can include a few extra decorations such as satin butterflies, berries, and so on. But remember less is often more.

If you would prefer to style your dry wreath in a single colour, spray-paint it once you have completed the design. You can also give your wreath a local twist by using dried fynbos and other indigenous foliage. Finally, loop the wreath with a thick ribbon in a colour that enhances its colour scheme. 

Tip: Choose colours that complement your home’s interior décor and that you might like to use year after year. 


Put a Cork In It

If you’re looking to make use of your old wine corks, why not use them to make a festive wreath that wine lovers are sure to appreciate. If you don’t have enough corks, well, what better excuse than to crack open right now those bottles you’ve been saving.

What you’ll need:

  • 22 corks of a similar size
  • a hand-held drill
  • floral wire
  • 22 beads or bells to place between the corks
  • ribbon

Drill a small hole, big enough to fit your wire through, just below the top and the bottom of each cork. Don’t drill the holes too close to the top, as the cork will crumble. It’s also important to make sure both holes are in line with one another so that the wreath keeps a round shape. Draw two dots and a straight line from one dot to the other to make sure you drill the holes in a straight line.

Take a long piece of floral wire, and push the wire though all the bottom holes of the corks. Leave enough wire at both ends when finished for tying closed later. Cut another long piece of floral wire to string the tops of the corks together, alternating with the bells or beads between the corks. Tie the ends of wire at the top and bottom, twisting to close and make a wreath shape. Hang with a piece of ribbon.

Tip: Once Christmas is over you can always hang this wreath up in the bar or on the drinks cabinet as décor.