Everyday Scenes Imbued With Surreal Mystery


Brooklyn-based photographer Brooke Didonato twists everyday scenes to include subtle elements of mystery or illusion. In her works, flowers protrude from city pipes or replace laces in a pair of dress shoes, while disembodied arms reach out from a wall of dense foliage. Each work suggests that there is something missing from the scene, a specific peculiarity that’s hard to pinpoint.

“The bulk of my images are set in real locations, but the characters in them are often exaggerated or imagined,” Didonato told Colossal. “I’m interested in blending these different elements together and delivering them through a medium that was traditionally thought of as a way to archive our realities.”

Didonato also creates video work that has the same dreamy perspective present in her static images. To see more of her work, take a look at her Prints.ly where she has several images for sale, or visit her Instagram.

Original article published by thisiscolossal.com. Images ©  Brooke Didonato.