Asya Kozina Reinterprets Baroque Wigs with a Modern Flair


Following a similar aesthetic style to the ornamental wigs of the baroque and rococo periods, paper artist Asya Kozina creates ornate headdresses that pay homage to one of the most outrageous luxuries and stylized trends in history. the artist began experimenting with these paper creations in her initial paper, costume series published in 2015. with this second edition, the artist adds an additional artistic flare by integrating symbols of modern industrialization and advancement into the towering paper compositions.

‘Our new series is a combination of old and new luxury, where the skyscraper rises at the top of an ornate hairstyle, and the plane is decorated with flowers and ostrich feathers,’ the artist describes. ‘They feature a ferris wheel, a violin, and the Japanese style wig contains a spring of cherry blossoms as a symbol of the multicultural character of modern life.’ Kozina’s designs borrow from the past, but also represent the present by integrating symbols of modern technology into one of the most lavish historical styles.

Take a look:

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