Art of Visual Poetry Comes to Life at Durbanville Hills

Earlier this year, award-winning winery Durbanville Hills launched its ever-evolving open-air gallery, Art@Durbanville Hills. Following an array of successful showings, the winery is excited to announce its latest exhibition by established artist Marke Meyer titled The Legacy of Laughter and Lost Moments which is set to commence on the 10th of August and will run until mid-September 2017.

Marke’s latest collection of work is an ongoing exploration into the theme of “transitions” and the legacy of childhood influences. Examples of these transitions include physical, chronological, spatial, metaphysical or psychological. The cyclic pattern between innocence, loss of innocence, acquisition of knowledge and the return to innocence are all embodied in these works. Inspired by dancing figurines from his dreams, Marke’s pieces are created as heavy, bronze artworks but portray the illusion of apparent weightlessness, alluding to the dream-like state from which they originate.

Kate Jackson, Destination Manager at Durbanville Hills, says that as a destination inspired by Cape Town, Durbanville Hills continues to look for opportunities where guests are able to experience city culture offerings within natural surroundings and we fell that Marke’s latest exhibition does just this. “We are thrilled to welcome Marke back to the gallery as his new collection is something truly unique for visitors to experience. Marke was part of our opening exhibition earlier this year and through the months, he has continued to showcase truly invigorating pieces which exude emotion. Art lovers can expect impeccable craftsmanship in Marke’s creations of the female form, which are sure to leave guests in awe.”

When asked about his work and inspirations, Marke says that he is fascinated by figures, especially the female figure. “The figure, metaphoric in every sense, describes a state of mind, or more often the projection of ‘mind’ into a space removed - a mind-space perhaps. This is a comfortable, magical space without restraint or restriction. The human body, either in frenetic movement or caught at rest, remains my only playground."

The Legacy of Laughter and Lost Moments exhibition runs until mid-September. We encourage guests to visit the winery and enjoy a glass of delicious wine amidst the beautiful art works.

When: 10 August until Mid-September
Where: Durbanville Hills, Tygerberg Valley Rd, Cape Farms
Contact: call 021 558 1300 or email