oris and Natalie are collaborating with Dirk Durnez of Cape Art Studios to bring the art to Elgin. “We have the space and the environment and Joris and I both love art, so we decided to play with the idea of bringing quality contemporary art onto the Estate and juxtaposing these striking pieces with a pure, natural setting.” Visitors to the Art@Almenkerk exhibition are invited to the Almenkerk Tasting Room to sip our fine wine surrounded by striking contemporary art pieces.

Durnez, whose passion for large scale creative projects has taken him on a rare and exciting career journey, brings an eye for engaging artworks and a fearless approach to big ideas. “Art@Almenkerk is an ongoing project and we are looking forward to playing with the landscape open to us, with new and interesting , memorable exhibits as we go,” says Durnez.

Durnez also brought Gordon Froud in as curator of the current Art@Almenkerk exhibition.
Says Froud; “It is a privilege to work with such a beautiful canvas, namely the exquisite gardens and buildings of this contemporary Wine Estate. The vision was to do something a bit different to other wine farm sculpture gardens. The feel is decidedly lighter, less monumental but as powerful as other spaces.”

 Gordon Froud Green Virus

Gordon Froud Green Virus

Froud has built up an international career as curator and artist and is a senior lecturer at the University of Johannesburg, where he runs the sculpture department.

Visitors to the Art@Almenkerk exhibition are invited at the Almenkerk Tasting Room to taste a selection of their multi award-winning wines. Almenkerk’s wines are known for their elegance, balance and minerality. While the Flagship Almenkerk Estate Wines are “undertated elegance” personified, the Lace by Almenkerk range is fruit driven offset by the typical Elgin cool climate freshness.

Mute Wisdom will run until end of June 2017, after which new exhibitions will be revealed.

Where: Almenkerk Wine Estate, Viljoenshoop Road 50, Elgin
Tel: +27 (0) 21 848 9844
Open Tuesday – Sunday from 10h00 till 16h00
Closed on Sundays in winter.

Original article published by Travel Opulent Box