Girl Interrupted

We talk shop with Jenny Liz Rome, this month’s cover artist

Jenny lives in Ontario, Canada and has been married for almost two years. She has one daughter, two cats, a small house, a big pool, and too many houseplants. 

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Tell us how you became an artist? I've been interested in the arts since I can remember. My earliest memory is going on a field trip to Ontario’s Blue Water Bridge with my third grade class. We were given sketch pads and pencils. I remember my teacher showing my drawing to the class. It made me so proud. It was the moment that determined my future. 

And the rest of your schooling? In high school I paid almost no attention to maths, science, history or geography. I saved all my energy for the important classes: art and drama.

Your work is described as ‘fantasy portraiture’. What brings you to this style? I’ve gone through so many stages with my work, but what’s stayed the same throughout all the years is my subject matter. I'm very interested in our culture’s obsession with fashion.

What is it about fashion that you like so much? Fashion is the most widely-used tool to express individuality. I like that there are literally no limits to what I can come up with and create. 

How has becoming a mom changed your art, or the way you see things? Well, so far it hasn't really affected the way I see art, or my work. Though my daughter has changed how I view everyday life. I'm much more aware of time, and how fast it goes.

Do ideas ever come to you in the middle of the night, or do you research them? I research a ton. Many times I'll get a random picture in my head, and I'll go on a crazy image binge search to make sense of my idea. 

What materials and techniques do you use? My work used to be a blend of collage, painting and drawing. Now I'm leaning more towards digital drawing. I use a Wacom tablet, and I am completely in love with it. 

How do you get out of a creative funk? I give myself a few days break. This allows me to tackle a project with fresh eyes. Or I have a BIG glass of wine. 

What do you do during your downtime?  I love to camp, and I'm obsessed with rearranging my furniture. I really enjoy tennis—and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Not together, though, but come to think of it, I wouldn't be all that opposed to the idea either.

What’s your studio like? I currently work from home. I'm tucked into a small corner of the house with a wooden table, my Mac, my Wacom and my sketch book. It's all I really need.