Elegant Figures with a Provocative Edge

Bold, rich oils on a raw backdrop of wood panel; elegant, classical figures with a provocative, erotic edge – Kelly John Gough’s artwork embodies a breathtaking joining of juxtapositions.

Inspired by the human form, Kelly paints striking nudes and portraits with a composition enriched by strong chiaroscuro, exciting areas of negative space and the natural grain and knots of his signature wooden-panel canvas. From large-scale pieces to compact miniatures, Kelly’s distinctive style never fails to make a statement.

South African Kelly has been painting since he could walk, experimenting with art for the first time as a young child, under the masterful eye of his fine-art trained father. After studying graphic design and working in the publishing and production industry for 12 years, Kelly took the plunge and embraced his first love full-time in 2001. Since then, Kelly has enjoyed exhibitions at a number of prestigious galleries, hotels and boutiques across South Africa.

Kelly works from his studio based in Cape Town’s The Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock and sells ready-to-hang works as well as privately commissioned pieces.

info@kellyjohngough.co.za, +27 (0)21 447 4062, www.kellyjohngough.co.za