A Gathering of Jesters: An exhibition of prints and paintings by Leon de Bliquy


Opening on Sunday 4th November 2012 at 4.30 p.m. at The Cape Gallery. Duration: 4th November - 24th November 2012.
Leon de Bliquy is a successful artist who travels extensively, drawing on sights and cultural exchanges for inspiration. Leon's work is featured in collections at the IZIKO (S.A. National Gallery), Pretoria Art Museum, Bloemfontein Art Museum, Kimberley Art Museum, The Nelson Mandela Art Museum, Durban Art Museum, The Rembrandt Art Foundation, Sanlam and SASOL.

A Gathering of Jesters explores the idea of the fool as a cultural phenomenon. Leon has been creating a series of lithographs exploring this concept over a period of time between a studio on a mountainside farm outside Stellenbosch and Atelier Grande Village, a studio near Massignac, Angoulême in France. These lithographs will be exhibited with a series of paintings that express the true poetic nature of the artist.

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