Sake-steamed Abalone

  • Abalone* still in the shell between 60g and 110g
  • 500ml of sake 
  • daikon (Asian radish)
  • nori (Japanese seaweed)
  • sesame oil
  • half a lemon

Remove the abalone from the shell with a sharp knife. Take care to cut it off right at the muscle. Scrape the shell and scrub clean, reserve. Pour the sake into a saucepan and heat gently so that it steams. Place the abalone in a bamboo steamer and put the lid on. Gently steam for five to ten minutes. 
Serve with shredded daikon and nori drizzled lightly with sesame oil. Slice the abalone lengthwise and arrange on the shell. Eat with freshly squeezed lemon to taste.

L'Ormarins Protea Savignon Blanc/Chardonnay complements this dish.

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Recipe by Malu Lambert • Photography C&D Heierli

*The abalone was sourced from HIK farms in Hermanus. CEO Gavin Johnston is in talks to have abalone on the supermarket shelves within six months.