Hake with Buerre Blanc

Serves 4

  • 4 x 150g portions of fish (1 x 150g fillet per person)
  • 60ml oil
  • 2 lemons
  • salt 

For the buerre blanc:

1 onion, chopped sprig of thyme 1 clove of garlic sprig of dill 3 peppercorns 3 cloves 250ml of white wine

100ml verjuice50ml white wine vinegar250 g cold, cubed butter

For the fish:

Heat a large, good quality non-stick pan with the oil. Season the fish and place one fillet skin-down in the oil. Cook until the skin forms a golden crust, about 2 minutes. Turn over and seal the fish on the flesh side and cook for another minute. (Cooking time will depend on the thickness of the fillet.)

For the sauce: Place all of the ingredients except the butter in a saucepan and reduce until it’s nearly dry; there should be about 2tbsp left. Remove the pan from the heat, adding the butter slowly, block by block, and whisking. Control the sauce by placing the pot on the heat for short periods at a time and removing. Be careful. It separates very quickly if it is overheated for too long. As soon as all the butter is incorporated, pass through a fine sieve and serve with the fish. 

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Recipe by Bertus Basson • Photography by C&D Heierli