Rose Petal Liqueur

  • A dozen red roses
  • 750ml witblits or cane
  • 750ml sugar
  • 500ml water

Only use roses with a heady scent. Wash the roses delicately and remove the petals. Place the petals into a wide necked glass bowl with a secure lid, if you don’t have that, try a glass jar or bottle. Add thewiblits to the rose petals close the lid and leave it to stand for 6 weeks in a warm place. Shake it twice a day. Once the 6 weeks are up, mix the sugar and water together in a heavy based pot and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Heat the mixture till boiling point and let it bubble for 18 minutes. Take the syrup off the stove and let it cool. Add the flavoured witblits to the cold syrup. Once that’s done pour the liqueur into a dry sterilised bottle, close the cap and let it stand for a month before use.