Fresh Blueberry and Strawberry Trifle

This is best if left to stand overnight, so make the entire recipe and refrigerate.

Makes: 4, Level: easy, Time: Preparation is quick, about 30 minutes, but if you can allow it to stand overnight, great.

  • 1 packet ready-bought mini Swiss rolls
  • 250g fresh strawberries, rinsed and quartered
  • small punnet blueberries
  • 250ml double thick cream, whipped to the soft peak stage
  • 90ml sherry
  • 2 tbsp castor sugar
  • fresh mint, to garnish
  • roasted almond flakes, to garnish

Lightly sprinkle half the castor sugar over the sliced strawberries and allow them to stand. In the meantime arrange the sliced mini Swiss rolls at the bottom of your individual serving glasses, and pour the sherry equally over the 4 portions of Swiss roll. Top with a layer of cream that has the balance of the castor sugar mixed in. Top with strawberries and blueberries, then another layer of cream, and berries and fresh mint to garnish. It’s a good touch to roast almonds flakes and scatter them on the top.

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Photography & Styling C&D Heierli, 
Recipe by Diane Heierli