Good Taste magazine is a bi-monthly lifestyle publication. We’ve set out to create a beautifully visual offering combined with highly curated content. Taking a fresh look at wine, food, style, travel, motoring, art, design, decor and wellness we aim to create a sweet escape for our readers. A magazine made with soul, designed to inform—and above all—inspire. 

Good Taste’s readership is made up of the Wine-of-the-Month Club members, which includes Diners Club International, Nedbank Wine Club, SAA Voyager, Edgars’ Thank U Club, Standard Bank, Ooh Box and American Express. With each pack that is sent out a magazine is placed inside each box.Good Taste magazine can also be found at various winefarms and hotels in and around the Western Cape and is on shelf at SPAR’s, PNP’s, CNA’s, Exclusive Books, Jackson’s, Melissa’s, Total, Caltex, Engens, Woolworths and Slow Lounges.

Why Advertise with Good Taste Magazine?
Good Taste is the perfect platform to showcase brands across all lifestyle elements such as travel, food, décor, cars, health, adventure, art and wine. In covering these topics we seek to fulfil our readers’ expectations of excellence in both design and editorial content. Packaged in a glossy, highly visual read, the magazine guarantees advertisers direct access to the homes and families of their target market.

Good Taste | Demographics

Where do our readers live? 
51% in Gauteng
42% in the Western Cape
7% in the rest of the country

Their household income? 
24% earn more than R600 000 per annum
48% earn more than R360 000 per annum
58% earn more than R240 000 per annum
68% earn more than R192 000 per annum
88% earn more than R120 000 per annum

What do we know about them? 
51% are male
49% are female
92% are over 30 years old
8% are between 25-30 years old
86% have tertiary education
73% are directors, managers or self-employed
100% drink wine
75% have access to the internet

What do they like: 
Enjoy dining out, and entertaining at home
Love to travel, locally and abroad
Enjoy visiting game lodges
Enjoy reading about travel, food and wine
Deem Good Taste to be essential reading and keep it for future reference
For every Good Taste purchased, up to 4 people read it

Cover price: R 34.90